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Monday, September 28, 2009

A Handful of 1972 Topps Baseball Cards

The 1972 Topps set is one of my favorites. It screams early 70's. It's colorful. It has a lot of great players from my youth. Here are a handful I picked sort of randomly from my box of commons.

Great full airbrush job here. Ken was on the Cubs in 1971. Poor Ken, he only won the next three World Series. Good for you Kenny.

Remember what I said about "great players from my youth"? Archie wasn't one of them. I just like the way he looks here with the great sideburns and all. He was 0-8 lifetime and 1972 was his last year in the majors. It'd be interesting to know what set has the highest percentage of cards of players in their last season.

Jim Lonborg had a nice career that might have been much better if not for a bad knee caused by a skiing accident in the winter of 1968. Jim is now Dr. Lonborg having become a dentist at the end of his playing days. I love the sh*t eating grin in this picture.

Here's another pitcher who had a nice career. He's 4th all-time in wins for the Phillies. He passed away in 1988 after an burst aneurysm. I think he looks like Sean Penn in this card.


I'll end this post with this nice young musician who will now play "Lady of Spain" for you.


  1. I wonder if Jim still plays the accordian.....

  2. Holtzman looks like the dude in Animal House. "IS THAT AN AIRBRUSHED A, ON YOUR UNIFORM?"


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