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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good Grief!

I've been a Peanuts fan for as long as I've been a Cubs fan. My introduction to Peanuts was in the form of the Fawcett Crest books issued in the 1960's.

On Saturday evenings I would go to Robands Drugstore on Pratt and California (now an eye clinic) with my Dad to pick up the Sunday papers. Along with the Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times, if there was a new one, I'd get a Peanuts paperback. My grammar school was kitty corner from Robands and when I was old enough I used to buy baseball cards there as well.

As a "adult" I've continued my love affair with Peanuts by collecting all kinds of things in addition to the books I still have. One of them is a set of trading cards issued in 1993 by ProSport Specialties, Inc. The 200 card baseball themed set has one panel of a strip on the front with a gold or silver background. The complete strip is on the back.

Here's a sample. I've cropped the strip .

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  1. I had a bunch of those Fawcett-Crest books as a kid. My uncle was a piano teacher and he had a number of them in his waiting area for students to read. We would get the older ones when he upgraded his reading material.

    Plus, I used to cut out each day's Peanuts strip from the newspaper for like three months straight (I did this on more than one occasion), and stash them in a stack in my desk drawer.

    It's no wonder I'm attracted to baseball card collecting.


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