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Friday, July 13, 2012

Blow Out the Candles July 13

Hall of Fame  pitcher Stan Coveleski was born in Shamokin, Pa on this date in 1889.
2006 SP Legendary Cuts #85
"It's tomorrow that counts, so you worry all the time. It never ends. Lord, baseball is a worrying thing."
 1992 Conlon Collection #462

The relatively diminutive Spud Webb is celebrating his 49th birthday today.
1990-91 NBA Hoops #35
At 5'7" Spud was the shortest man to ever play in the NBA when he joined the Atlanta Hawks in 1985.

In 1986 Webb won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest:

Spud and Manute Bol

Co-founder of The Byrds Roger McGuinn is 70 today.
The Byrds on Ed Sullivan


  1. Aw, man! I just did a post on Spud Webb two days ago!

    I guess if I'd looked more closely at the back of the card, I would've realized that and posted accordingly. This is why I'll never be Sportscard Blogger Of The Year.

    But I'm not above plugging myself...

  2. ...forgot to mention: That Spud Webb/Manute Bol image is the best thing I've seen since Brian Roberts (5'9" - yeah right - 175 lbs) played next to Walter Young (6'5", 255) in the Orioles infield.

  3. I did see your post. I thought, "it's his birthday in a couple of days." I'm sure you're closer being to Sportscard Blogger of the Year than I am. :)


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