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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Song For a Sunday Night "Bad Girl, Good Girl" by miss A

Here are two videos from a Korean girl group called "miss A".  Strangely, I came across them while researching former Cubs shortstop Don Kessinger.  Don's middle name, Eulon, came up as a word in the lyrics of the first song "Bad Girl, Good Girl".  Don had some good moves.  So do these ladies.

Here's Kessinger turning the DP.  BTW, #16 sure looks to be a long ways from second base. Anyone have a guess on who it is?
Cookie in  1967  (yes pitching)


  1. I can tell from the Illinois patch on Kessinger's right sleeve that the picture is from 1968. I'm guessing that the player is on the Phillies...I know they wore huge numbers and the 16 is pretty big. If that guess is correct, then that would be Cookie Rojas breaking up the double play.

    1. Looks like you're right. I added a picture of Cookie from 1967. I still say he's out of the baseline.


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