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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blow Out the Candles February 5

Only two birthdays today but they're both legends in their sports.

Legendary Cowboys QB Roger Staubach is 70 today.
 1972 Topps #200

1963 Heisman winner at Navy
December 3, 1963

Coach Landry and Roger November 3, 1971
Super Bowl VI
January 1977
"He Runs, Passes and Walks on Water"
Super Bowl XII

Hank Aaron turns 78 today.
 1958 Topps #488

1956 at the Polo Grounds?  I don't think Hank hit many home runs choking up on the bat that way.
Baseball royalty circa 1970
Hank with Milt Pappas in the early 1970's.  Note the Baby Ruth sign over Aaron's head.  It was installed on a rooftop on Sheffield Ave supposedly to commemorate Babe Ruth's "called shot" in the 1932 World Series.  Here's a picture showing the sign (or maybe an earlier version) during the 1935 World Series:
Another shot,  now in 1950 and a more "modern" Wrigley Field

 1974 Topps #1
Topps was thankfully correct in proclaiming Aaron the "New ..King" even though he was still at 713 when this went to print.  With no apologies to Barry Bonds, I still consider Hank the All-Time Home Run King.

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