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Thursday, May 8, 2014

I Saw It on Ebay

I saw this today on Ebay.  Can you believe this still exists?  It's a factory roll of 1966 Topps rub-offs.  The seller estimates based on it's six pound weight that the roll contains between 350-380 mint 20 player strips all containing a Mickey Mantle.  The seller is asking $24, 995.



  1. That things crazy, what do you even do with it?!

  2. I haven't seen something that neat in a while.

  3. Holy...Can somebody loan me $25,000? Hahahaha.

  4. Hold on, let me look under the couch cushions. I might find enough change for that.

  5. Doesn't the price of the Mantles go down if 380 copies flood the market all at once?

  6. That is pretty cool, and someone's going to buy it just for the sheer "I've got it and you don't" factor.

    Looking at the reverse image ruboffs, it occurs to me that "Isogerf Mij" (Jim Fregosi backwards) could be a character in Star Wars chapter VII.

    I'm amused that the Tigers pennant rub-off is the pennant used on the 1965 Topps cards. Even back in the 1960's, Topps believed in "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle".


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