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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Fan Pack Fun 2014 -- Chicago Cubs

A week or so ago I went through the MLB sites and made a round of fan pack requests.  I think in these modern internet days teams are starting to pull back a bit.  For instance, there was this response from the Philadelphia Phillies, "Thank you for your request for a Phillies fan pack. Unfortunately, due to the overwhelming volume of requests for Fan Packs, we are only able to accept requests from individuals within the tri-state area surrounding Philadelphia (PA, NJ, DE)."  This year the Dodgers, who in the past have sent terrific fan packs sent simply four schedules.

My Cubs, who do require a postcard request, sent a very nice pack this year, in fact better than in years past.

Current Vineline Magazine

These two photos are 8"x10"
 Rusin just threw a no-hitter at AAA Iowa.
Edwin is about postcard size.

 A sample from inside.

Two pocket Schedules

Two stickers

This is the outside of a Thank You card.


  1. Wow! I subscribed to Vine Line in the late 80's/early 90's and would again but the subscription copies print the mailing label on the cover. I'd much rather have a nice newsstand version like the one they sent you.

  2. My wife is a huge cubs fan and I would like to get her a fan pack


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