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Monday, May 26, 2014

A Timely Pack Break

I have about a dozen unopened packs of these 1992 Pacific "The Story of WWII" cards in my legendary stash.  In honor of Memorial Day I opened one.  It's really a cool set.  I may have to open the rest of the packs.





  1. I have these cards also, although I don't remember how many.

    Back in the early 1960s, my brother and I collected the "War Bulletin" cards (by Phila Gum Co, I think), which we referred to as "World War II cards". They had black & white photos, with a red label on the front. I think I have all 88 of those cards except the checklist.

    1. You should post some. Love to see them.

    2. David,

      I'll post some in about a week or so. Since they are not baseball cards, I will be posting them here instead.

  2. These cards are not something I'm generally interested in collecting, but I'm very impressed that they exist. We need another Pacific to generate some offbeat card sets... and no, Rittenhouse issuing card sets for TV shows like "Under The Dome" isn't quite the same.


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