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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

1980-83 Cramer Baseball Legends

I love sets of all retired players. Cramer Baseball Legends covers about as wide an range of eras as I've seen. It was issued in the early 80's by Cramer Sports Productions which would later become Pacific Card Co. There were a total of 124 cards in the set.

Babe Ruth is card #1 here as he should be in any legends set.

This is what the backs look like. The askew Major League Record was apparently a design decision, not a mistake. They're all like that.

"Hit 'em where they ain't" Wee Willie Keeler. .345 lifetime average

John McGraw This picture looks to be from his playing days though he was inducted into the HOF as a manager. Check out the glove.

Sam Crawford is the all-time career leader in triples.

The Big Train, Walter Johnson. He could bring it. 416 wins in 21 seasons. A gentleman to boot.

"Say it ain't so Joe."

Just remember, if you do go to the Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum, there is "NO PUBLIC RESTROOM", even though the toilet is new. BTW the guy doing the tour, Phil Bildner, writes children's books about baseball.

The colorful "Rabbit" played for 23 seasons and is 22nd all-time with 10, 078 at-bats.
How many sets include HOF'er Heinie Manush? It's a fun name. Say it with me, HEINE MANUSH. Career average, .330.

Here's another rarely seen player, Monty Stratton who lost his right leg in a hunting accident (no, Dick Cheney wasn't even born yet). He was the subject of the Jimmy Stewart film "The Stratton Story".
Here are more highlights that I won't comment about since this is getting a little long, except to say that I like the Maris photo in a KC Athletics uniform.


  1. Great cards. I've seen that Clemente pose a few times, but the rest of the photos seem pretty different.

  2. looking for help on value for the whole set. Thanks for your help

  3. A set recently sold for $45.00 on Ebay. There are none listed right now. I got a box of packs for about $10.00 I think and came up 1 card short of the set.

  4. And to think you see boxes reaching $100 now in 2022. Great post even after all these years. This is still a fine representation of a wonderful set. Howdy from the future!


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