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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Santo Saturday -- One Large Graded Item

This is one of the earliest items you can find featuring Hall of Fame 3rd baseman (I love saying that) Ron Santo.  It was issued the same year as his Topps rookie card, 1961.  It originally came in a pack of 12, the other notable that year being Ernie Banks (Richie Ashburn and Don Zimmer were in the set as well).  Billy Williams did not appear until the 1962 set.  I found this one on ebay for about $10 plus shipping.
One way to distinguish the 1958-61 photos from the later issues is that the typeface at the bottom on the earlier ones is sans serif while the later used a serif version .
The photo itself is 5 x 7.  I've added a regular sized card for comparison.

I'm giving way a big stack of 2008 Goudeys.  Click here for details.


  1. So cool! Getting graded for an item like that is the way to go so you don't have to worry about protecting/storing it...

  2. The more I see those Jay Publishing releases, the more I like the simplicity of them.

  3. These are cool oddballs. I was surprised to see how thin the paper stock was... but they look amazing nonetheless. Thanks for the heads up on the font. I always wondered about how to tell which year mine are.


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