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Monday, April 25, 2011

Autographed Baseball Cards A-Z

When I got back into collecting five or so years ago one of the things that excited me was the availability of autographed cards.  Perhaps I went a little overboard but I think I picked up some nice cards.  This will be an A-Z series of posts with varying numbers of cards.

 2005 UD Hall of Fame #HFS-WB1 3/5
 At 3/5 this may be my lowest numbered card.  I don't like sticker autos but this one doesn't look bad. The swatch is grey but at least it matches the picture on the card.

 1999 Signature Rookies #1
If you're going to buy a card for the player's name you might as well get one that's signed.  I'm sure I didn't pay much for this one.  Booty has a ring as part of the 1997 Marlins World's Championship team.

 2004 UD Timeless Teams #114
Pedro is part of my 1970's Big Red Machine collection.

 2000 Fleer Greats of the Game
An admission-- Clete was a good fielder and hit .318 in the 1962 World Series but I think I bought this card confusing him with his brother Ken, the 1964 NL MVP from the Cardinals.  It is a nice card anyway.

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