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Monday, February 1, 2010

I Was a Kid in the 1960's -- The Card Evidence

Most of the cards I saved from when I was a kid are still in pretty good shape. Here's one from my third year of collecting (the first two years' cards are gone) that proves I was a kid for sure.

1967 Topps #340

The evidence:

a. There's some kind of damage at the top from water or glue or maybe sweat?

b. The bat seems to have a pen mark down it's length.

c. The whites of Joe's eyes are blue as well as his teeth.

d. I must have thought he needed a batting glove because he has one now.

e. Not sure what the point was but the card number is somewhat obscured by ink.

f. At the bottom left the word DOUBLE is printed. This is obviously evidence that a makeshift game was made out of a number of these cards.

BTW I don't think this had anything to do with Yankee hating. Firstly, I was pretty young for that. Secondly, my dad was a Cubs hence National League fan.


  1. Was the "double" on the back evidence of a game, or could it be that you had 2 Pepitones and marked up your extra?

    Glad to see you enjoyed your cards as every kid should!

  2. I was just going to say the same as Shane...

    that's scary enough... I need to go lie down now.

  3. The DOUBLE was definitely part of a game. There are others with other outcomes on them.

  4. I wish I had mine !! I know I had an orange 1960 Mickey Mantle A/S card. Bicycle spokes!!

  5. Baseball Dad-- Did you and your friends ever lag for cards?

  6. I think most kids that collected cards (pre-1980s) used to mark up their cards in some way. If not they at least would fill in the tick boxes on the checklists (even if they didn't have the card). One of the stupidest things I did was to mark my cards with my initial to identify my cards from my brother's. If I had been smart I would have used pencil and lightly marked it on the back, or at least did what he did and mark it small, but NO I often would mark it with a red ball point with a hugh "K" or on the back sometimes with a black magic marker. Through the years most of those "marked" cards have disappeared, but a few have survived in my collection. Fortunately they are ones that I used a smaller pen stroke.


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