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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Your Next Cubs Manager?

1983 Topps #83

If Lou Piniella retires after the 2010 season, when his current contract expires, Ryno is waiting in the wings. Ryne has been paying his dues. After two years managing "A" ball and a year of AA, Sandberg was just promoted to manage the AAA Iowa Cubs. I personally love Lou and wouldn't mind him staying a couple more years but I hope the Cubs do stick with Ryne and reward his hard work and loyalty with a chance to manage the big club.


  1. I agree about Sandberg paying his dues. How many other HOFers are willing to manage in the minors? He'd be a good (and popular) choice to replace Lou.

  2. That would be cool.

    Is Sandberg considered a good manager in the minors? I haven't heard about his skills one way or the other down there.


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