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Friday, December 25, 2009

Blow Out the Candles Dec 25

Hall of Famer Pud Galvin was born on this date in 1856.

1959 Topps #479

White Sox great, Jacob Nelson Fox was born in St. Thomas Township, PA on this date in 1927. Nellie was a 12 time All-Star, 3 time Gold Glove winner and was the AL MVP in 1959.

Practicing the double play with shortstop Chico Carrasquel

1970-71 Topps #45

Hall of Fame fullback Larry Csonka turns 63 today. Larry, a member of the 1972 perfect season Dolphins, was a 5 time Pro Bowl selection and won 2 Super Bowls. He was elected to the Football Hall of Fame in 1987.

Butch and Sundance : August 7, 1972

Super Bowl VIII January 13, 1974

I'm guessing Jimmy Buffett really celebrates his birthday. Today is number 63.

Scottish singer Annie Lennox turns 55 today.

Today also marks a birthday for Ken of Field of Cards. Ken's blog is new to the blogosphere but I predict great success ahead. Ken likes baseball, baseball sim games, baseball books, baseball cards, baseball documentaries and baseball blogs. (And they say there are no renaissance men left!) He lives somewhere in the Northwest (hiding?) but is a HUGE Baltimore Orioles fan. Happy Birthday Ken, wherever you are. <;)

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