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Friday, December 18, 2009

Cubs GM Jim Hendry's Christmas Present

2006 Topps #TP-MB

Cubs GM Jim Hendry has given himself and Cubs fans an early Christmas present (or an eighth night of Chanukah present). He found someone to take Milton Bradley for more than nothing. I wish the Mariners all the luck in the world but I'm glad to see him go. He was unhappy from day one and was a disappointment both on and off the field.


  1. I'm sad to see him go, as a Brewer fan I loved seeing him waste all sorts of at-bats and playing time for the Cubs

  2. As someone who watches a lot of Mariners games, I am thrilled to get rid of Silva. He has been worse than the majority of AAA players would have been. He does have decent control though so maybe he can turn things around.

    I look forward to watching The Milton Bradley show unfold. It will either be a pleasant acquisition or a train wreck, but either way it won't be boring.

  3. I won't miss Bradley at all. I don't watch the Cubs often (WGN doesn't carry as many games as they did when I was growing up...when they carried *every* game), but when I do watch I like to see them play well. And Bradley just didn't seem to do that very often.


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