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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Favorites C-F

Topps put out 150 card sets of retired players in 2003-2004-2005. Players are pictured on card designs from their playing days but with different photos than were in the originals. Here are my favorites, alphabetically.

2003 #7

Love this image. The card design is 1977 and so is the Time magazine.

2004 #106

What better year's design, 1968, for Tiger great Norm Cash. He hit .385 in the Series for the World Champions.

2005 #112

12 seasons with the Cubs deserves a spot here.

Shawon's lifetime average was just nine points lower. If you're from Chicago and are old enough you'll remember the Shawon-O-Meter.

2004 #103

Dennis looks cool here. I like the flash lighting and the clouds in the background. It's a big improvement over the original from 1979:


It's John Elway playing baseball. Guess he made the right choice.

2005 #24

One of the "Boys of Summer", Carl Erskine.

What is this over Carl's right shoulder?

2004 #56

One of the great names, "Elroy Face". Aside from being a great pitcher Roy looks like he would have made a great character actor, don't you think?

2005 #88
Just a terrific looking card!

Here's the original photograph:

2003 #110

Pretty much any Rollie Fingers card would be here. This one looks like classic Rollie. Better than the original 1973?

2003 #21

This is a 1976 design but the picture of a young Carlton Fisk is from no later than 1972. I like the big catchers mitt and the distant look.

2005 #120

Pal to Mantle and Berra, HOFer, the "Chairman of the Board", Whitey Ford. A classic card of a classic player.

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