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Monday, October 5, 2009

Who Want's Ho Hos?

What was better than Hostess cards in the 70's? First of all I was a kid so I didn't pay for the snacks. Then I got to eat a box of Ho-Ho's, Ding Dong's, Twinkies, etc. Third, I could get away with eating the above and not gain an ounce. (Now if I look at a box of Ho-Ho's I gain two pounds.) Then on top of the delicious sugar and fat I got three more baseball cards! Bonus!!!

This is panel 148-150 from 1975. Not too shabby a trio. Between them they posted 504 wins, 183 saves, appeared in 12 World Series and were champs 9 times.

You may need to click on the image to see but all three cards are airbrushed. In 1974 Catfish was with A's, Tug with the Mets, and McNally with the Orioles. All three men were changing teams for the first time. All three would finish their careers with their new teams. Sadly, all three passed away relatively young, 53, 59, 60.


  1. That's a rare thing -- to see one of those Hostess panels uncut. I never had that kind of control as a kid. (Our Hostess "food" of choice were Twinkies).

  2. I happened to save all of mine as panels. My cutting skills were never that great!

  3. I used to bug my mom constantly to buy some of these. I saw them advertised on the back of the comic books. I never got any. Maybe they were not available in Canada...


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