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Monday, June 25, 2012

Do It Yourself COMC Packs #13/35 Beatles Color

I (not so recently now) had 8 months worth of Check Out My Cards purchases shipped.  I divided the 153 cards into 35 groups.  I like to think of these as hand picked "packs".   I'm posting them in random order.  "Pack" #13, 4 cards, was $4.51 including shipping.

It's cool to think that these cards were released just at the beginning of Beatlemania in 1964.
One of the big questions back in '64 was, "Who's your favorite Beatle?"  So 48 years late, I'm asking you, who's your favorite Beatle, and why?

Here's what the packs looked like new:

1 comment:

  1. The four of them would all probably be in my "Top 10 Favorite Musicians" list if I ever made one. They're part of a two-way tie for my favorite band. (With the Ramones.)

    I'm in the minority, but my favorite Beatle is Ringo. I think he had the best personality out of the four, especially when things started to get tense later on. From what I know, he maintained good relationships with the other three after they broke up, something I've always liked.


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