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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blow Out the Candles June 23

Hall of Famer Reg Noble was born in Collingwood, Ontario on this date in 1895.
From the Collingwood Sports Hall of Fame:
Of all the Collingwood born hockey players, the name of “Noble” stands out like a sore thumb because it was Reg who paved the way for the others. A member of Canada's National Hockey Hall of Fame, Noble turned pro with the old Toronto Arenas in 1916 but the team disbanded half-way through the season and Reg was snapped up by Montreal. Canadians won the Stanley Cup in 1918 that year and Reg was back in Toronto in 1917. Toronto won the Stanley Cup in 1918 and Noble scored 28 goals in twenty-two games schedule. He finished third in the scoring race behind Cy Denneny and Joe Malone. That was the year Joe Malone set the league on fire with 44 goals in 22 games. The Toronto team took the name of St. Patricks and in 1922 that team won the Stanley Cup with Noble and the late Harry Cameron, another Hall of Famer, setting pace for the St Pat=s. He went to the Montreal Maroons in 1924 and helped that team win the Stanley Cup in 1926.

Noble finished his great hockey career with Detroit after eighteen years in the N.H.L. He died in June 19, 1962

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