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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Do It Yourself COMC Pack 4/35 Two Young Cubs

I recently had 8 months worth of Check Out My Cards purchases shipped.  I divided the 153 cards into 35 groups.  I like to think of these as hand picked "packs".   I'm posting them in random order.  "Pack" #4, 2 cards, was $.87 including shipping.

Wrigley Wax is building a nice collection of Darwin Barney cards.  I think this is my first and only one so far.  Darwin needs to pick it up a bit though.  He's at .245 and dropping.  I think he's something like 4 for his last 30 AB's.  C'mon Darwin!  Since I started this Darwin has raised his average back to .264.

Trey is a Cubs prospect with the AA Tennessee Smokies.  He's 0-2 this season with a 1.56 ERA but strangely only 17.1 innings pitched.  I'm not a big minor league follower.  Is that common for starters?  Anybody following the Smokies have more on Trey?  PS: I'd put this card in my collection just for the name, MCNUTT.

1 comment:

  1. Only one Barney card? For shame!!
    If Barney hits .280 and keeps up his steady play at second, I'll be happy.


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