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Monday, May 14, 2012

Blow Out the Candles May 14

Hall of Famer Tony Perez is celebrating his 70th birthday today.
 1967 Topps #476
 Game 7 1975 World Series
Hall of Fame 2000

Yankees great Earl Combs was born in Pebworth, Kentucky o htis date in 1899.

White Sox great, pitcher Big Ed Walsh was born in Plains Township, Pennsylvania on this date in 1881.

Hall of Fame goaltender Gump Worsley was born in Montreal, Quebec on this date in 1929.
 1968-69 Topps #56

Actor Richard Deacon was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on this date in 1921.
 Deacon is best remembered  for the two roles below.
 Richard Deacon as Lumpy's dad, Fred Rutherford on Leave It to Beaver
Alan Brady's brother-in-law and producer on The Dick Van Dyke Show

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  1. Gump Worsley was one of the last goalies to not wear a mask.


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