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Friday, May 4, 2012

Do It Yourself COMC Pack #20/35 The Three Bears and More

I recently had 8 months worth of Check Out My Cards purchases shipped.  I divided the 153 cards into 35 groups.  I like to think of these as hand picked "packs".   I'm posting them in random order.  "Pack" #20, 5 cards, was $1.62 including shipping.

Jim McMahon didn't have a long career as a Bear but it sure had some great moments.

Jay Cutler wears "The Punky QB's" number upside down.  He has more weapons this year so if the offensive line holds it's own Jay should put up some great numbers in 2012.

No Bears quarterback has replaced this guy yet.

The pack rounds out with two shiny sure future Hall of Famers.

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