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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Fan Pack Fun 2017 -- Minnesota Twins

I sent postcards to all 30 MLB teams around Memorial Day requesting fan packs.  So far I've received about 20 envelopes/packages.

About a week after I sent out my requests I was surprised to find a small box on my porch.  I wasn't expecting a package.  Whoa, it was from the Minnesota Twins!  I don't think I've ever received a fan pack in a box before.  We live about 170 miles from Minneapolis which makes the Twins the nearest team to our current home.

These four blank backed pictures are 4" x 6".  Two legends and two good current players.  Very nice!
Sweet 400+ page media guide.

The nylon tote is about 13 X 19".

Winter's coming.  I can use this -- if my wife doesn't swipe it.  (I bought her a nice Cubs version.)

Great package from my neighbors to the north.  Thanks Twins!


  1. Daaaaaaaaaamn! That is a nice return on a postcard!

    So I've been meaning to ask... What does one write on a postcard for these fan packs? Even years ago when I did this, I was never quite sure what to write. Is it as simple as "Please send me a fan pack?" Mention how much you love the team? Tell the Twins that your two children are named "Minnie" and "Paul"?

    1. I've tried different things, as simple as "please send me a fan pack" but I've also embellished a bit. ;)


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