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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Fan Pack Fun 2017 -- Houston Astros

It wasn't long ago when the Houston Astros were losing 100 games every year.  It wasn't even long ago that they were a National League team.  This year they have a good chance to win 100 games.

Here's the fan pack I received from the team in June.  As is my way I just opened it a few minutes ago.

It's always fun to open your mailbox and see the logo of a baseball team.

Pocket schedule featuring Dallas Keuchel

4" sticker - I love the classic logo.

4" x 6" Postcard of an excited George Springer

Good luck Astros.  Here's something.  If the Astros win the AL Pennant they could end up facing the Cubs.  I assume that would make them the only team other than the Yankees to have faced two different teams from the same city in World Series play.  Also the only team to win both AL and NL Pennants. Tell me if I'm wrong.


  1. That's a slick looking postcard - love the image selection, for sure! I used to work with a few Astro fans (the company was based in Texas) when both they and the Cubs were in the midst of their rebuilds. Thus, I would love to see a match up of the two teams in World Series play.

  2. I love many of the teams older logos... the Astros may be favorite.

  3. I'll definitely be pulling for Altuve and the Astros this postseason.


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