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Friday, September 8, 2017

Fan Pack Fun 2017 -- Atlanta Braves

I sent postcards to all 30 MLB teams around Memorial Day requesting fan packs.  So far I've received about 20 envelopes/packages.

Today we have the nice envelope I received from our friends in Georgia.  It looks like Hurricane Irma may make it's way through Atlanta on Monday.  I feel very fortunate up here in Iowa.  Hoping for all of you in the southeast to make it through the next week safely.

Not sure why the Braves are choosing to leave off their logo.
The letterhead is new to me.  Classy.
Nice postcard sized photo of Danby showing off the classic Braves uniform.

This is an unfolded schedule celebrating the Braves move to their new digs, SunTrust Park.

The bumper sticker is around 8" x 4"
2" pin


  1. Wow that clubhouse looks crazy! I got to see a game at SunTrust Park in April when I was there for work. Very nice park for sure, but obviously I didn't get to see the behind the scenes stuff like that!

  2. What address did you use to request your Fan Pack? I submitted one a long time ago via the link on the website but never received it. I’m a lifelong Braves fan and would love to have this stuff! Thanks!


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