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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Winnings from SpastikMooss Part 1

Recently I won a contest over at The Great Sports Name Hall of Fame.  Tim let me cherry pick from his trade stash and also spotted me  ten bucks in Paypal dough!  Paypal money to a card collector is like cocaine to Lindsay Lohan -- it doesn't last long.  So here's what I got.

2004 Topps Traded and Rookies #HF-DE

This was the card I chose from the trade list.  I like the Eck and you can never have too many HOF relics.

Now for what I got with my 10 Paypal bucks:

I found a series 1 set of Legends.  I know there are mixed opinions about these cards.  I myself prefer the types with original backs but I do like the look of these.  I'm showing half my favorites here and half in a second post.

Next I picked up four vintage cards, 2 each of baseball and football.  Here are the first two:

The great Wally Moon, .289 lifetime hitter and arguably the best unibrow in the business.

I love these 1955 Bowmans.  Boydston played for Bud Wilkinson at Oklahoma then played professionally in the NFL, CFL and AFL.

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