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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Santo Saturdays -- Ron's Rainbow

There are a number of sets of "metalic" variations (gold, silver, bronze, etc.) but as far as I know there is only one "rainbow set" produced of my favorite player, Ron Santo.

These are all of the cards in the 2005 Topps Rookie Cup set minus a dual sticker signed card of Santo and Mark Grace.  I opted for the solo Grace version and so far have passed on the dual.

Base card

Red variation numbered to 499

The red and orange versions are barely distinguishable from one another, a bit of a "fail" on Topps' part.
Orange variation numbered to 399

(I have two)
 Yellow variation numbered to 299

 Green variation numbered to 199

 Blue variation numbered to 50

(I have three)
 Auto version (at least the silver sticker goes with the gray)


  1. That is a sweet rainbow... one day I'd like to build one of Gwynn, Maddux, or any of my pc players for that matter.

  2. Nice Rainbow set. Thanks for sharing. I wondered what the deal was with this set and which colors were what #d/level

  3. Impressive, most impressive. I thought briefly about putting together one of the colors as a set for my rookie cup obsession, or even a rainbow set, but I just couldn't justify the insanity or expense. I do have a few rainbows of players, Gary Carter, Mike Piazza, and Dwight Gooden. No auto for Piazza though, those are hard to come by.


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