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Monday, July 5, 2010

Check Out My COMC Cards #4 -- Aramis Ramirez

Here are a half dozen Aramis Ramirez cards from my first COMC purchase.

1999 Just Minors
paid $3.99

Prices on his auto's have come down but I bought this before the season started. At $3.99 I think I overpaid. Maybe he'll have a big comeback next year. As of today he's out of the lineup with a sore thumb.

2007 Topps #129
paid $.09

2007 Sp Authentic #AP6
paid $.10

2006 Bowman Heritage Chrome #161
paid $.17

2007 UD #603
paid $.10

2007 UD Aramis Ramirez Cubs CL
paid $.10

Total $4.55. My thumb hurts from typing.

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