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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Santo Saturdays -- A Bit of a Rant

Am I happy to have three Ron Santo jersey cards?  Yes.  They're nice enough looking cards and they're all serial numbered.  Wonderful. Ahh, but that's where I start to have issues with this set and others like it.

The backs of all three cards are identical.  If I showed you one I've shown them all.  The photo on all three is the same.  The logo's the same.  The squares are the same.  The swatches have no discernible difference.   All that Upper Deck has done is add the words "Silver" or "Gold" and "Limited" and changed the color of the serial numbers.   And as long as I'm complaining, there were only 75 more of the first one made and it is serial numbered.  Why doesn't it say "Bronze Limited"?

There comes a point where I am inclined to just buy one of these cards, if possible the "rarer" one,  and leave the others alone.  I guess this line of thinking opens a can of worms.  What is collecting all about, etc.?  Why collect any cards at all, blah, blah, blah but I guess all of us have drawn lines in the proverbial sand when it comes to our collecting habits/philosophies.  I'd love to hear what you guys and gals think.


  1. There has to be a major difference in parallels for me to seek them out. That ain't a major difference.

  2. Saw your comment over on my post and I totally agree with you. A variation is one thing. Hell, even old school errors and printing variations are one thing. However, this is laziness and junk. Most of the CC parallels I've gotten are from large lots I've purchased. There are next to none (only one comes to mind) that I've actually sought out and purchased. Like the Santo card here, instead of 3 different cards with respective print runs this is basically one card with a run of 725.


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