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Sunday, June 4, 2023

1978 French Open Tennis First Day Cover

 The French Open, 2nd of professional tennis's Grand Slam tournaments, is currently being held in Paris.  The sport holds less interest for me as the years go by.   Maybe it's because I no longer play or maybe it's the lack of players I find intriguing.  45 years ago, when this First Day Cover was issued I followed tennis closely.  

The legendary Swede Björn Borg, in his prime, took the men's singles title.  It was his third in five years and the first of four consecutive French championships.

Stade Roland Garros was named after the famed World War I aviator 

Merci d'être passé.  Au revoir pour le moment.


  1. I was just recently wondering if you were ever gonna be coming back around again, and here you are! I can't say that I'm much for tennis, but a new post from you is always a must click :)

    By the by, I don't know if you're interested or not, but I just posted about an FDC of my own last week:


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