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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

This Blog is Not Dead, It's Just Resting -- I've Got a Pack Break

Here's a random pack from my stash.  Just four cards.  Maybe we'll find something fun.  We are after all, promised "the history of yesterday and today!"  Not to quibble but if history is "the study of past events", isn't the phrase "history of today" rather nonsensical?  Just saying.

Card #1
Success?  I'll say!  206 hits, 124 runs scored, 39 doubles added to his 39 home runs.  2017 Hall of Fame?
Card #2
"Shark" or as I prefer to call him, "The Swashbuckler".  I couldn't find a good example to show you but when I look at this card I'm reminded of those 18th century portraits by itinerant painters.  Jeff is having an off year on the south side.  He's a free agent after the season.  I wonder where he'll end up.  I haven't heard of the Cubs having any interest at this point.
I admit I've never watched his ND highlights before.  The kid could ball!  Hard to fault his choice considering his baseball career but how popular would he have been had he become a Bear (not that that would have happened.)
Card #3
Scanned a little dark.
Well, this pack has gone from being a good one to a great one. Rimshot
Card #4
I love old tobacco cards.  I collect them.  They're authentic.  They're small on purpose. Have you ever seen the packs of cigarettes they came in?  I'm not a fan of cards like this.  It's like, "Honey, they shrunk my card!"  I paid full price for a shrunken card?  I'd be more likely to go along with it if the whole set was this size.  I liked Upper Deck's 2007 Goudey partly for that reason.  Oh, well, hater's gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.
I was the 1,017, 011, 297th view of this video.  Holy @#$%!


  1. I looked at your comment about the Taylor Swift video, and my first reaction was "Only 1 million views? That can't be right..." and then I took another look at the number and realized it's one BILLION views. I concur: Holy @#$%!!

  2. Yesterday's future is tomorrow's history.

  3. I can't help but like that Taylor Swift video.


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