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Thursday, September 17, 2015

It "Could" Be Real

This was a gift many years ago from a friend of my dad's  I took off the plastic cover for the scan and the card didn't slip right off so I let it be.  It might release given a little help but why chance it.  The signature looks legit but I wouldn't make any bets.  The back of the plaque is blank.  Lord knows.   If I never have it authenticated I can tell myself I have a Ted Williams autograph, right?

I never get tired of these:


  1. Wouldn't this be something like Schroedinger's Ted Williams signature? It's simultaneously legit and fake.

    ...And awesome either way.

    I wonder if anyone from What's My Line ever made it into a card set... I would love to get Arlene on cardboard.

  2. As you know I never get tired of the mystery guest videos from WML. I love the simple logic of the panel figuring out ballplayers. Which NY team/s is in town. Which team did they play earlier in the day. Home team or visitor. Position. Or as in the case of Ted, who's the most famous player on the team. I love Bennett Cerf's line, "Gee, if it isn't the fellow it ought to be, I'm going to be pretty sore."


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