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Sunday, February 22, 2015

T42 Bluebird

My wife gave me a $25 eBay gift card for Christmas.  My first purchase was this 1910-11 gold border Blue-Bird.  The condition is rough but the central image is still nice and I'm a sucker for any of the gold bordered cards.  The bluebird is "the harbinger of spring".  Man I'm sick of winter!!!!  It's currently 3 degrees with a wind chill in the minus teens.  The 10 day forecast calls for 9 days of temps 10-20 degrees below average.  At least where I live we've been spared most of the snow and ice.  My sympathy for you if you live in the east.


  1. Really cool card, looking forward to seeing what else your gift card bought you.

  2. Love vintage cards. The Blue Bird is our state bird, but it's rare. I've been bird watching for more than 20 years and I've only seen them twice. Not really the best choice for state bird.

    1. Were they more common when they were chosen as the state bird?


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