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Monday, February 23, 2015

Golden Age Part 1 Baseball

I bought a blaster of Panini's 2014 Golden Age before Christmas.  As with most sets like this,  I enjoy the variety of subjects.  The design is appropriately old-timey if unspectacular.  Today I'm featuring all of the baseball related cards.  Next time I'll show the rest.




  1. I like the cards but REALLY like the inserts!

  2. Love this set. Just picked up that Medwick insert at a card show yesterday.

  3. If the whole set looked like that Christy Mathewson, I'd be interested in going after it - There's something about the faux vintage look of the base cards that doesn't quite work for me. I bought a couple packs of these last year and felt like they were too busy with all the cornices and fake not quite fleur-de-lys and banners.
    I agree that the inserts are all solid, though.


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