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Friday, December 12, 2014

Here Come the Hawks!

It's a great time to be a hockey fan in Chicago.  Last night the Blackhawks held off the Bruins in Boston 3-2  for their eighth straight win and became the first team to reach 20 wins this season.  I added these two cards to my Black Friday COMC order.


  1. Never seen Beckett hockey cards before, interesting...the Bruins have been the opposite of Chicago, PAINFUL to watch for large stretches of this season.

    1. I guess the cards were promos given out at the National. The Hawks got off to a mediocre start but they're rolling for the time being. Lucky to have a rookie backup goalie (Darling) who's been good. The parity in the league, particularly in the West drives me crazy. The Hawks have won 8 straight but are still only 6 points ahead of the 9th place team. One bad stretch and you're out of the playoffs.


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