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Sunday, March 3, 2013

2013 Topps Baseball Pack Break with Arbitrary Scoring

Recently I sold the hit (Chipper Jones silk) from my disappointing 2013 Topps Baseball blaster.  I reinvested some of the meager profits in two retail packs of the same.  I thought it might be fun, at least for me, to do a couple of complete pack breaks and give them my own personal scores.

Here's pack one in the exact order I pulled the cards:

I looked for my relic and autograph cards.  I didn't find them. :(  
 All-Star -5 points, Gold Glove 5 points, from a team I like 5 points (15 points)
 I like the name Edwin 2 points, born in Neu-Ulm, Germany 3 points, threw a no-hitter 3 points, current Cubs player 10 points, wearing the stupid 4th of July uniform -5 points, (13 points)
 He took a ball away from a meddling Hollywood star (see below) 10 points, I like the photo with determined look and the blurred background 5 points, not fond of the name Howie -3 points (sorry anyone out there named Howie) Topps calls him Howard on the back, (is "Howard is movin' on up" a reference I'm missing?) 3 points (15 points)

 Guess I don't follow the D-backs enough cause I really don't know who this guy is.  0 points, quoting a cliche on the back (I'll play anywhere as long as I get to play) -5 points (-5 points)

 All Star 5 points, very fast 5 points, why do I want to know what douchebag ARod says about him? -5 points (5 points)
Won a game as a relief pitcher 5 points, love the cartoon bird 5 points, like celebration pictures 5 points (15 points)
 Injured rookie I never heard of  0 points
 5 time Gold Glover 5 points,  Looks like Jeff Durham's, Walter in this picture 10 points (15 points)

 Eh! 0 points  like the baby blues 3 points, like the use of the word "whitewash" 5 points (8 points)
The Swashbuckler! 25 points, it's an emerald variation 10 points (35 points)
Former Cub I liked 5 points, pretty good photo 3 points, the Reds --not so much -3 points  (5 points)
 My favorite current Cub 30 points, great photo of Darwin having just hit a game winning HR, 10 points (40 points)
So this pack gets 161 points which I realize is in comparison to nothing.  We'll see how the second pack stacks up.  Obviously, the two Cubs made the pack for me. The entire blaster I bought I had none at all.


  1. Glad that you had better luck in your retail pack than in your blaster! I'm predicting the second pack won't top that one.

  2. What about the guy in the #10 jersey in the Barney photo? No points for that?

    1. Hey now, who's in charge here? Ok, honorary 10 points for the Ron Santo jersey. I actually almost gave points for the woman in the blue shirt since she's pretty much mirroring Barney's arm gesture.

  3. A-Rod is a total douchebag. Weird, I've never heard "whitewash" in baseball terms.


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