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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Collector Collects -- A New Feature on CHTMC

Why do we collect things?  Is it an instinct?  Is it true that everyone collects something?  I collect sports cards, but my collecting doesn't end there.  A collector likes to collect.

Here's one of my collections, one that I share with my wife.  We have a nine hole golf course near us that is part of a larger park.

There is a path that circles the golf course with predominantly low fencing around it.  Occasionally an errant shot will land a ball outside the fencing near the path.  Typically my wife and I will make 2-3 loops around.  Like an Easter egg hunt we look for the lost golf balls.  It adds an element of fun to walking.  Who will spot one first?  How many can we find?  Our record is seven in one day.  Now that winter is here in a big way hunting season is officially over.

Here's a picture of all the balls we've collected over the past year:

While it's nice to find a shiny new Slazenger or TopFlite the most fun is a ball that has some sort of logo on it.  Here are the one's we've come across:

Not a lucky shot for the person who hit it

I wonder if this was struck by a "driver".  Get it, Cadillac, "driver"?

Bob Feller is the first graduate of American Legion Baseball to make to the Hall of Fame.  Here's a tribute to the Legion Bob wrote in 1963.

Investment Managers of Distinction Since 1924

The Pauma Valley Country Club is 50 miles northeast of San Diego.

You can't get an Ove Glove

at  It's a site that sells cars online.

Braun is a company in Syracuse, NY that manfactures industrial laundry equipment.

Energy Efficient Laundry Equipment from Wash to Finish

Is this the Mazurek Open?

A creative way to identify your ball.  I like it!

Maybe long distance, but not too accurate.

Great logo.  That's the Sear Tower on the left (Willis Tower officially) the flag of Chicago center and the John Hankcock building on the right.
Kurt Warner worked at a Hy-Vee in Cedar Falls, IA

We've actually been in this Hy-Vee in Dubuque, IA  

"Who, who doesn't want to wear the ribbon?"

Do you collect anything other than sports cards?  If you send me a picture(s) ( I'll be glad to post it on the next installment of this series, or I invite you to post your own.


  1. That's a great collection and I love that they were all acquired for free while exercising. I have a small collection of $1 casino chips, cuz i'm cheap, and some random shot glasses and pint glasses from across the country, although I use them so I don't know if that's a true collection. And I have a large collection of comic books which hold up my large collection of card boxes.

  2. Thanks for sharing Oh Cynical One. I can think of lots of collections that are made up of things you would use, so yes, your glasses count.


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