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Sunday, December 12, 2010


There's a Winter storm raging across the midwest today.

Here's the honorary king of Winter, football-wise:
 1971 Topps #44


  1. Jack Snow appeared on an episode of Bewitched back in the 1960s. Do you remember how Samantha's aunt was always trying to conjure up spells, but with bad results? One time, she made Jack Snow materialize, in uniform (right in their living room, I think). When they asked him who he was, at first he didn't know, but after looking down at his #84 jersey, he replied "Jack Snow".

    Snow's son J. T. Snow played baseball for the Angels.

    Not to be outdone, basketball and hockey had THEIR Snows: guard Eric Snow and goalie Garth Snow.

  2. Jack Snow another of my fave 1970s Rams. Roman Gabriel is still one of my all-time fave Quarterbacks. BTW that pic of Jack Snow was also used for his 1971 Kelloggs 3-D card


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