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Friday, December 10, 2010

1968 Pitching Leaders -- Rare Feats

Only 1(?) Hall of Famer in the top 45?

Denny McLain's 31 win season will probably not be matched again given 5 man rotations and the use of set-up men and closers.  Even so it was a rare feat for a pitcher in any era since the middle of the 1910's.  In the AL you have to go back to Lefty Grove in 1931 and Jim Bagby in 1920 to match it.  To beat it you need to go back to Walther Johnson's 36 wins in 1913.  In the NL you have to go back to Grover Alexander's 36 wins in 1916.

8 of the top 17 are in the Hall of Fame

Since McLain's 31 and Marichal's 26 in 1968, only two pitchers in the last 42 seasons have had more than 24 wins.  In the AL Bob Welch went 27-6 in 1990.  In the NL Steve Carlton went 27-10 in 1972.

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