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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Card Fun at the Mall

I went to a local mall the other day with my wife.  I found 5 markdown packs at Target which I'll post soon.  On our way to Target we saw the normal machines, ice cream, gumballs etc, but low and behold what else did I see?  A card machine? Yes!  It was a two-sided affair with 4 offerings including a baseball and a hockey, along with some kids stuff.  The machine said it was 25 cents for 4 cards.  Neither my wife nor I had any quarters.  That's why I bought the packs at Target, to get 5 quarters.  Ok, I wanted the packs, too.  So we went back to the machine and dropped a quarter in the baseball card slot.  Eight cards!  Well that's much better than four.  Another quarter, another eight cards.  OK, let's try the Hockey.  Fifteen cards.  Again, fifteen cards.  Cool!  Back to the baseball for the last quarter and eight more cards.  So all told, $1.25 for 54 cards and some fun at the mall with my wife.  Not too bad.

The baseball cards I got were all 1992 either Fleer Ultra or Pinnacle.  The Pinnacle were better.  Here are my favorites.  Click to enlarge, if you're so inclined.


  1. Love the sidelines cards and the Strawberry shades card, Never seen those before.Great pick ups for $1.25.

  2. Those inserts were one more reason to love '92 Pinnacle. As if you needed another reason. -Andy


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