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Monday, June 3, 2019

Pack War!

I haven't done one of these in quite a while.  Let's see what a pack of 2012 Topps Archives brings against a pack of 2013 Allen & Ginter's.
The packs are both cool.  I like the retro look of Archives.  I also like the old timey look of A&G.  Close but I'll give the win to Ginter.  A&G- 1, Archives- 0

On to the cards.
Not much to say.  He's Canadian.
Am I crazy or does Olt look like Lawrie's older brother?  Not dissimilar careers either.  
This is close as well.  Olt played for the Cubs---but he was another third base disappointment, batting only .158 in 95 games.  Ya know, I just can't call this one.  Score remains tied.

Oh boy!  Justin was an All-Star in 2013.
Ben was born and raised in Eureka, Illinois, the town where Ronald Regan went to college.  More importantly he was a back to back World Series champion with the Royals and THE CUBS!
Finally we have a clear winner.  A&G is 2 for 2.
Our first HOFer.  He's a Met but the photo is from Wrigley Field.  Another of Gary's great smile shots in the inset.  Can we just give Archives the point now?
Yes.  Archives is on the board.
Tulo has had a sometimes great but injury riddled career.  Pretty nice shot of Troy forcing out Matt Kemp in the middle of a DP.
I'm one of the folks who buys Allen and Ginter's for the non-baseball cards.  Unfortunately this one doesn't do anything for me.  
It's tied 2-2.
Another Met HOFer.  Who doesn't respect Seaver's career?  He garnered 98.8% of votes as a first ballot Hall of Fame inductee.
Enough with the Mets, OK?  As a Twin Johan was 93-44 over an 8 year period in the 2000's.  He's sporting a Gary Carter memorial patch here.  Not enough to beat Tom Terrific.
Archives pulls ahead 3-2.
I'm not a Sox fan but I am a Paulie fan.  Not a Hall of Famer but Konerko was a fan favorite and a White Sox great.
Metsie! Metsie!  This guy hit .529 against my Cubbies in the 2015 NLCS.  It's a mini but they don't excite me.
It's an easy win and a 4-2 victory for Archives.  And the crowd roars!
Archives adds insult to injury by adding two extra cards of a couple of pretty good players.

I've never considered myself an Archives fan.  This may even be the first pack I've ever opened.  It was a really nice one.  The Allen & Ginter's pack was a dud for me.  These were both bargain packs but I assume they were each $3.00 retail.  At least in this case Archives was the better buy.

My unopened pack count is down by two but I still have about 99.8% of my stash intact. 😉


  1. I love a good Pack War. Thanks for the entertainment!

  2. I don't think I opened up any 2012 Archives... but I sure wish I had. There are a lot of Fan Favorite autographs I'd like to add to my collection from that year.

    1. Speaking of Fan Favorites, I loved the 2003-2005 All Time Fan Favorites sets (have them all). These are pretty much the same with the addition of current players.

  3. Why don't *I* get that many Mets in packs?

    1. Better you than me! 4 out of 14? And a Cardinal as well. Not exactly a Cubs fan's dream.

  4. Fun packs. Archives definitely takes it.

    1. Yeah, not really close, unless you really have a thing for The Bastille.


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