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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Gemini was a tough go. It was smaller than the front seat of a Volkswagen bug. It made Apollo seem like a super-duper, plush touring bus. -- Frank Borman.

In my part of the Midwest there's been talk the last few days about being able to see the International Space Station as it flies overhead at night.
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On this day, 54 years ago another spacecraft, Gemini IV was orbiting the earth carrying astronauts James McDivitt and Ed White. During the 98 hour flight, White became the first American to walk in space.


  1. Can't imagine what that moment must have felt like when he completely stepped out of the capsule and was floating in empty space.

  2. After watching Apollo 13 last week, my interest in NASA cards has gone up exponentially. Both Apollo and Gemini were a little before my time, but I remember growing up looking forward to all of the different shuttle launches.

  3. One of the greatest eras in space exploration. Almost every kid wanted to be an astronaut! Awesome cards!

  4. David, I have recently learned of a 5-book series about early-NASA projects. After buying the Mercury book (see link below) at a store and reading it, I bought the other 4 on I have recently finished the Gemini book, and started the 1st of 2 Apollo books last night. I highly recommend them to anyone with an interest in 1950s-1970s NASA activities.


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