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Friday, January 26, 2018

Those Were the Days

This post owes its inspiration to our good friend Fuji and this post from last October.  He found an Archie Bunker card game at one his is legendary flea markets.  I appreciate his bargain hunting skills.  The game cost him one dollar.  Pretty good.  They're going for between $10 and $20 shipped on eBay.  I guess that speaks to the continuing legacy of Norman Lear's groundbreaking show.

Topps paid tribute to the show in their terrific 2011 "American Pie" set.

I didn't have to go to a flea market to find a vintage All in the Family item.  I've had one that I bought new back in the early 1970's for 95cents.  It's one of those items that isn't worth much but that's hard to let go of.   As collectors, you know what I mean, right?

References to Archie Bunker still come up in conversation these days, particularly when discussing politics.  I'll leave you with one from page 57:

"Now, for instance, you got Feldman for treasurer.  That's perfect.  Them people know how to handle money, y'know what I mean?  Then you got Salvatory for District Attorney--to keep an eye on Feldman.  And let me tell you about them Eyetalians--when you do find an honest one you really got something!  Then you got a Mick--O'Reilly--to make sure the graft is equally distributed--and you get Nelson, an American, to do the TV appearances, to make the rest of them look respectable"


  1. One of the greatest shows ever. Will watch it if I happen to notice it on tv. Somewhere around here I still have the pin "Archie Bunker for President" that I had gotten as a young kid. Now if I'd only had kept all of those baseball cards.

  2. I hope to one day stumble across a copy of that book. Very cool item. My buddy and I were just talking about this show last night... and how it paved the way for so many other shows.


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