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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Nothing But Netminders

The hockey goaltender must be the most conspicuous position in any of the four major sports.  Only the baseball catcher even comes close and that's only for half the game.  The goalie has his oar of a stick held by the blocker glove, the outsized catcher glove on the opposite hand, the huge pads and everyone's favorite, the personalized mask.  Add that all of the scoring and often the lack of, happens in his immediate vicinity and it's no wonder that he holds our fascination.  Here are all of the men in net from this year's Upper Deck Series One set.  They are in numerical order.



  1. Beautiful cards, I think I like the Fleury with the bright yellow pads and retro sweater the best.

    1. That is a good one. It's a great example of the bright saturated colors typical of UD cards. I got series one from my wife for Christmas. Series two is out and guess who has a birthday this month?


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