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Friday, August 3, 2012

Good Luck Ryan Dempster

My favorite Cub player of the last decade has been pitcher Ryan Dempster.  It's been speculated since practically the beginning of the season that he'd be traded by August.   It was no surprise then, when he was dealt to the Rangers the other day. Though I've stopped collecting most of the other Cub players from the "Piniella  era", I have been adding to my Dempster collection.  Here are the latest three cards from this year's Allen and Ginter.


  1. Dempster took out a full page ad in today's Tribune to say thanks to Cubs fans, management, and his teammates. Classy move.

  2. I'm hoping he'll be back, maybe go out like K.Wood did. I'll hold off making the back of his custom card for my set for now.


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