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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Blow Out the Candles August 29

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana on this date in 1958.

Scottish singer , songwriter Eddi Reader is celebrating her 53rd birthday today.

Eddi early succes was with the shortlived band, Fairground Attraction.


  1. Eddi Reader? I didn't think anybody in the U.S. knows who Eddi Reader is.

    I don't know her solo work, but I've had the one Fairground Attraction CD for a long enough span of time that I don't want to figure out how many years its been.

    1. I've had at least two of her albums (CD's), "Angels and Electricity" and "Candyfloss and Medicine" for years, as well as Fairground Attraction's "The First of a Million Kisses". I couldn't tell you how I discovered her but I do like her.


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