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Friday, August 24, 2012

Fan Pack Fun 2012 -- My Chicago Cubs

I almost didn't do fan pack requests this year but recently I got the itch again.  In short order I've received about 18 responses.  I'm going to start off with my favorite team, the Chicago Cubs. They're one of the teams that requires a mailed in request.  While never extravagant the Cubs fan pack always feels personal.

The personalized note card with the classic Cubs logo is a nice touch.
 Teri's my wife.
  Pocket Schedule
Is it ever a good sign when they put the manager's picture on the schedule?

Four 3" x 3' stickers

I mentioned Ronny in my note but this card was unexpected.  Interesting that they still had one sitting around their office.  I do have a copy already (don't mind having another).  I've posted about it before noting the fact that someone at Topps tried making the purple cloud in the background into more trees.  It shows that way on all three variations of the card Topps put out in 2001.

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