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Friday, May 13, 2011

Good Grief!

Maybe no one has noticed but it's been over a week since my last post.  About a week ago my wife and I were (and still are) in the middle of packing to move which is bad enough when without warning our computer suddenly stopped working.  The next day a  repairman diagnosed a dead (and unrecoverable) hard drive.  So off to Best Buy we went to buy a new computer.  Took it home, set it up.  Found out that our scanner is not supported and will not run on Windows 7.  Also found that my version of Photoshop Elements (4) will not  run.  So, ordered a new scanner on Amazon.  Meanwhile the new computer started to have numerous crashes.  Next day, go to Best Buy to return crappy computer.  Now off to another store, Abt, to look for another.  Good news.  Found one with similar specs but a bigger screen for almost $200 less.  So far so good.  The computer seems to be working fine.  A couple more days pass.  The scanner comes.  Set it up.  Oh boy, I can blog again!  Scan Charlie Brown.  Go to my blog.  Can't sign in.  Yep, most of you know this, Blogger is down!  So there we are.  Blogger is finally back up. FYI we are moving in about ten days so there may be another gap in posts coming but I hope after that to get back to posting daily.  
Thanks for reading.


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