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Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Born Philley

Yes, Dave Philley played for the Phillies (1958-60).  He also spent almost three years (1951-53) playing for the other Philadelphia team, the Athletics.
 1960 Topps #52

Dave had an eighteen year career with 1700 hits, 276 doubles, 72 triples, 84 homers, 729 RBI and a .270 average.  As the cartoon above highlights, Dave was an outstanding pinch hitter.  In 1958 he had 8 straight pinch hits (since tied by Rusty Staub in 1983).  He also had a pinch hit in his first try of 1959 making 9 in a row overall.  Dave also set AL season records in 1961, playing for the Orioles, for most pinch hit at bats (72) and hits (24).  Both records still stand.

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