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Friday, January 14, 2011

Pack Break -- 2007 Topps Opening Day

Here's a pack of 2007 Topps Opening Day I just opened:

 Where's your slice of apple pie, David?
No gum stains these days
 Anyone out there young enough to have cashed in on this.  I don't think my AARP card would work. :)

The question here doesn't make sense.  Tejada only had 98 RBI in 2005 and Ripken never had nine consecutive seasons with 20 HR and 100 RBI.  Am I misreading this?

Wow, a quote from his mother!  That's different.

2006 was Jason last hurrah, with shoulder problems limiting him to just 42 innings and 3 wins over parts of two more seasons.

I guess Big Papi knew what he was talking about.

A pretty good piece of baseball trivia.

The 34 year old Glaus is currently looking for a team.

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